Summer in my head

Wow, I haven’t written a post for a very long time. The past few weeks have been so stressful. I had a lot of stuff to do for school and I had to study much. But now I finally have some spare time! Three weeks ago I finished my John F. Kennedy assignment and I got a very good grade for it. So it was definitely worth the stress and the time I have spent on it. In about six weeks I have my final exams and I must say, I am starting to get a little bit nervous about it. I have got so much things I need to study for. I’ll have two weeks off to study for it and then I’ll have two exam weeks. I hope I will make it!

Remember I wrote a post about my taster day. I went to visit the college of Nijmegen for the study English Teacher. Well, that day sucked. I really like the study and now I am sure I want to do this study, but the school wasn’t nice at all. So a week after my visit to the college of Nijmegen, I visited the college of Utrecht. I really liked the college in Utrecht. The people were very nice, I attended cool classes and the teachers were nice as well. So I have chosen for the college of Utrecht and for the study English teacher. Yes yes, next school year I will go to college in a big city and I will go to school by train. I am very excited.

I really want it to be summer. The weather is awful here in the Netherlands. I want the sun to shine, go to the beach and have fun with friends. I am really looking forward to the summer, being finished with high school and the freedom to do whatever I want. Let the summer begin!


John F. Kennedy and future study

Gepinde afbeelding

I wanted to do some school work this week, but I have not done anything yet. I am busy with an assignment for English. I have to examine the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I have finished the part about his life and now I am working on the assassination and the different theories about the assassination. It is very interesting, but it is far from finished. I also have to do an assignment for social science and read a lot of books for Dutch. So, I have some work to do. But I have vacation and I want to enjoy it. So I try to alternate it.

Yesterday I received a mail from the college of Nijmegen (a place in Holland) for my taster day next Tuesday. I enrolled myself for the study English Teacher. I am very excited! I really don’t know what to expect, but I hope it is going to be very informative. I am not sure yet if I really want to choose for this study, so I hope this taster day will help me with my decision. It is a totally strange school for me and I don’t know anybody there, but I will be alright (I hope). Wish me luck! Now I am going to continue working on my assignment about John F. Kennedy.

Walking in the woods on a Sunday








Today was just a typical sunday. I woke up at 10:30 AM, ate breakfast with my family and went to my grandmother. We stayed there for a while and played some funny games. We drove back home and went out walking in the woods. The weather was very nice and the sun was shining again after a long time. We took our dog with us and played with him in the woods. I like walking in the woods. Just talking, laughing and having fun with my family. In the Netherlands, a lot of people go walking outside on Sundays and enjoy the beautiful nature. So you also meet a lot of new people, like today. We took a break and sat on a bench. My father came with the idea to take a picture. A couple was walking by and apparently heard us talking about taking a picture. They offered to take the picture. After explaining how my camera worked, they took the picture. The couple was very nice and the picture looked beautiful. We are probably going to hang the picture on the wall as a memory.

We went back home and baked pancakes. They tasted really good! Now I am lying on my bed. I will have to do a lot of work for school this coming week, but now I am just enjoying the last bit of my weekend. I think I am going to watch a movie. Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Someday I will travel the world


I have got a lot of plans for the future. There a many things I want to do in my life. One of these things is to travel the world. I really love traveling. For a sixteen year old girl, I have already seen a lot of this beautiful world. I have been to amazing places, incredible cities en beautiful countries. I have been to Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and England. I love these countries. Especially England and France are my favorites. I have been to amazing cities too, like London, Paris, Venice, Milan, Barcelona, Verona. I would love to go back there once. I would also like to travel to cities I have not seen yet, like Berlin, New York, Sidney. Norway, Denmark and Sweden are also on top of my list.

I really hope to see a lot of the world when I am older. This world is just too beautiful and in my opinion you can’t see enough of it.

Just another day

Gepinde afbeelding

Hello you,

These couple of days have been so relaxing. The only thing I am doing is watching tv series like The Vampire Diaries en Revenge. I love them both. My grades from the last exam week are really great. I am very proud at myself. I have studied very hard for it, so it is a really great feeling if you know that it wasn’t just for nothing. I don’t have plenty of time to relax right now, because I still have to do a lot of work for school, but it is a little bit less stressful. I really hope I will pass my exam in May. I can’t really realize that it is over then. No school anymore. Then I will be free. I really want to use that free time to make some money. I want to study English after secondary school. I am almost 100% sure of that. So maybe that is the reason is started this blog: I want to improve my English. Starting a blog in English is an excellent opportunity for that I think. If you find any grammatical mistakes, do not hesitate to tell me.

I only need to go to school thursday and friday and then I will have vacation for one week.
I am going to spend my time right and do a lot of stuff with family and friends. I am looking forward to it. Only two more days!

School and Snow

Gepinde afbeelding

Hello Guys,

My exams are over and I am freeeeeeee! Okey, I still have to go to school, but I don’t have to study for tests anymore. I still don’t know why I started this blog, but I will find out later. Now, I am just blogging, because that is what I like. I like to read blogs and I follow a lot of other blogs. I am not putting all my personal stuff on the internet yet, because I am still a little bit reticent about that. Maybe I am not that kind of girl who can maintain her blog, but we will see how many blog posts there will come. I hope a lot, but I can’t guarantee you anything.

Busy busy busy week

Hello people,

This is my very first blog post ever and i can tell you, i am very proud at it. I have no idea why i created it. I think i was kind of bored. This week is my exam week and i have a lot of stress at the moment. I only have to do two exams: german and economics. I have had the orthers earlier this week. German will be ok, but economics is really difficult. I am not that good at economics. It’s pretty stupid that i haven’t studied for it yet. So i will have to do it all tomorrow.
I hope i will get a little bit of luck and hopefully get a good grade. Wish me good luck!